225px-Kombucha_MatureEvery now and again, I like some fizzy drink burning my tongue. In the old days (before becoming a Certified Health Coach) I loved that first sip of Tab or diet Pepsi. Even the “pop” sound it made as I cranked off the top of the can was a rush to my senses.

Years later, I realized how horrendous pop (soda), sugar and artificial sweeteners can be for your health. A raw food friend from the nutrition school I attended turned me on to Kombucha and Synergy drinks, Thank you, Soren, wherever you are and thank you Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that can provide the body with probiotics for a healthy gut. It is made with sugar but the fermentation process “eats” most of the sugar leaving it as a healthy alternative to pop. Some in the health field argue that it can still lead to candida in the body and is not as beneficial as all of the internet articles may make it appear. My solution? Moderation people!

I tried all of the flavors and settled on the three or four I enjoy the best. Still, I could not get over the high price tag. Another friend found a class for us to attend to become experts at making our own. All we had to bring was a large glass jar and our class fee. 2 hours later we were ready to make an entire gallon for the price of one bottle from the health food store.

Now one of my favorite parts of being a health coach is doing Kombucha parties. I bring store bought as well as homemade and naturally I bring the shot glasses. We try samples of the various flavors and degrees of fizziness. My guests learn what kind of tea to use and what kind of tea will mess with the integrity of the symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY).

The kombucha party guests leave with their baby SCOBY, enough organic black or green tea and organic sugar to start their first batch. I will also include a handout with a truncated version of what we learned during the demo. Consider having a party/demo today, and begin enjoying the health benefits of this yummy probiotic drink.

Note: This is in no way meant to diagnose or cure any health issue.


About ironleslie

I have been blessed with lots of energy and I love life. That is why I got into the health/wellness field. I love helping people grow vital health. Although I write primarily in the fitness and nutrition field, vital health to me also means healthy relationships and a faith in a power higher than I.
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