Chew That Food!!!

I am a wife, mother of three, and work several part time jobs. I am often in a big rush and choke down a meal on the go. Well, when I learned that most of our carbohydrates are actually broken down in the mouth and not the stomach, I began to slow down. Being a carbohydrate junkie ( yes, carbs are actually OK . Just ask your health coach), I realized that I had better slow down.
I tried an experiment where I counted the amount of chews I was actually taking, and it averaged out to a paltry 13 times before swallowing. I worked my way up to about 30, but many feel that you should chew about 50 times. Yikes. Who has time for that? My advice: Try to make time for 50!
Chewing your food allows your mind to slow down and really enjoy the meal. As you chew, begin to think about how the food was prepared, how healthy it will be for your body, how grateful you are that you have food, and how pleasurable it is to eat without the TV, radio or computer on. When I eat in front of the TV or in my car, I don’t really know when I am full, and tend to overeat.
Eating in the car, in front of the boob-tube, while checking your email, listening to the radio and talking on the cell is defeating the purpose of enjoying a meal in the first place. Put yourself first. Shut off the media, sit at a table with a comfortable chair, say a blessing over the food, and see how much better your day goes.


About ironleslie

I have been blessed with lots of energy and I love life. That is why I got into the health/wellness field. I love helping people grow vital health. Although I write primarily in the fitness and nutrition field, vital health to me also means healthy relationships and a faith in a power higher than I.
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