Why New Years Resolutions Don’t Always Work

Are you one of the thousands of people who set losing weight as a New Years Resolution? If so I bet you might also be one of the thousands who fall short.
Weight loss goals seldom work in the winter months for one simple reason……….we are in hibernation mode. I know, I know, we are not bears, but we, like all living things, have seasons. If the plants and animals have periods of rest then why shouldn’t we? Our bodies were not meant to go full tilt, all day long, every day, every week, every month, all year long. This does not mean that we should eat like pigs from Halloween through Easter, but it does mean that a couple of pounds brought on by the shorter, colder days is nothing to beat yourself up about.
Use this time to rest and organize the things you will do when warmer weather hits. My favorite things to do in January and February are to catch up on documentaries, read books and magazines I have wanted to read, set new financial goals, and plan out what I am going to plant in this years garden.
Rememeber, spring WILL come, and your enthusiasm and energy will return in March and April. Perhaps you can set those weight loss goals then, and have total success.


About ironleslie

I have been blessed with lots of energy and I love life. That is why I got into the health/wellness field. I love helping people grow vital health. Although I write primarily in the fitness and nutrition field, vital health to me also means healthy relationships and a faith in a power higher than I.
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